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Gallant Greyson od Cidliny
Gallant Greyson od Cidliny
Andreas Pro Groomer
Unleashed Dog Handling School

Claudia I. Moussoulou

Founder of Unleashed Dog Handling School
FCI Registered Border Collie Breeder 
Unleashed Borders
Certified Dog Trainer with Vet Services Liecence and more..

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Dante the Border Collie

Unleashed Borders -
Gallant Grayson od Cidliny
1st Assistant in Unleashed Dog Handling School

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Andreas Pro

Certified Groomer and Instructior 
Doggy style Grooming Salon
FCI Registered GSP Breeder
Vom Goldene Nasen

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To Be Announced

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Dog Show Handling


Junior Handling for young children (6-12)
Junior Handling for children (12-18)
Dog Show Handling - Breed specific
Handling Services

Class Trainer

Ilona M.

Junior Handling Classes Nicosia


About Us

World Dog Show

At Unleashed, we're more than just a dog training school; we're a passionate community dedicated to helping dogs and their owners thrive together. With a focus on Dog Show Handling, our junior handlers have achieved remarkable success, securing multiple Best in Shows. But our expertise doesn't stop there. We also offer a range of essential services, including Socialization, puppy classes, basic obedience, and the joyful art of dog dancing.

Our journey began almost a decade ago when we found ourselves in the same position many dog enthusiasts face – eager to learn but struggling to find the right guidance. Today, having come a long way, we've established Unleashed Dog Handling School with the mission to share our knowledge through seminars, courses, and classes. Our dream is simple: to empower individuals with the proper education in all aspects of dog care and training. Whether you're seeking fundamental knowledge or diving headfirst into advanced techniques, responsible breeding, or even pursuing a career in dog shows, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Join us in this journey of canine companionship and empowerment. Together, let's build a world where dogs and their owners thrive, supported by a community that shares a deep love for these incredible creatures.

World Dog Show


Located in the heart of Nicosia. We pride ourselves on being a hub of canine expertise, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated shop catering to all your dog-related needs. Established with the vision of providing comprehensive education and training for dog lovers of all levels, our school stands as a beacon of knowledge and camaraderie. With a focus on excellence in Dog Show Handling, we've proudly watched our junior handlers achieve remarkable success, clinching multiple Best in Show titles. But our commitment extends beyond the show ring. We offer a diverse range of courses and seminars, covering topics from responsible dog breeding to grooming and first aid, ensuring a well-rounded education for every dog enthusiast. With a team of dedicated instructors and a community bound by a shared love for dogs, Unleashed Dog Handling School is your trusted partner on the path to becoming a confident and responsible dog owner. Join us in this journey of learning, growth, and the celebration of the extraordinary bond between humans and their four-legged companions.







At Unleashed Dog Handling School, we believe that education is the cornerstone of responsible dog ownership. Our seminars offer a unique opportunity to delve deep into various aspects of canine care and training, led by industry experts and renowned guest speakers from around the world.

Responsible Dog Breeding:

Our seminars on responsible breeding are designed for breeders and enthusiasts looking to elevate their breeding practices. Learn about ethical breeding standards, genetic health considerations, and responsible puppy placement.

Dog Show Handling with International Experts:

Join us for exclusive seminars featuring distinguished guest speakers from abroad, renowned for their expertise in dog show handling. Gain valuable insights, techniques, and strategies to excel in the competitive world of dog shows.

Mastering the Art of Dog Grooming:

Perfect your grooming skills with our comprehensive seminars led by seasoned professionals. From basic grooming techniques to advanced styling, we cover it all to ensure your canine companions always look their best.

Canine First Aid and Emergency Response:

Safety is paramount in dog ownership. Our seminars on first aid equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to common emergencies, ensuring the well-being of your furry friend.

And More:

Explore a diverse range of seminars tailored to meet the needs and interests of dog enthusiasts at every level. From behavior and training to nutrition and holistic wellness, our seminars cover a wide spectrum of topics.

Join us in these engaging and informative sessions, where you'll connect with like-minded individuals and expand your canine knowledge base. Whether you're a seasoned breeder, a budding handler, a passionate groomer, or a devoted owner, our seminars offer valuable insights that will enrich your journey with dogs.

Class Trainer / Guest Speakers


Announced according to seminar




At Unleashed Dog Handling School, we're working tirelessly to bring you a range of dynamic and informative courses that cater to all levels of canine enthusiasts. Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming courses that will cover a diverse array of topics.

Our team of experienced instructors and industry experts are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to nurture a strong, positive bond with your four-legged companion. Whether you're a first-time owner or a seasoned professional, our courses will offer valuable insights and practical training to enhance your journey with dogs.

Be sure to keep an eye on this space for updates on course offerings. We can't wait to embark on this educational adventure with you!




Grooming Seminar



Puppy Classes
Adult Classes
Dog Tricks
Dog Dancing
Basic Obedience

Class Trainer

Claudia I. M
and assistant Dante the border collie

Gallant Greyson od Cidliny
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